Laws- know your rights and your restrictions


We all know the obvious dos and don’ts our government and our courts decide for us,Yes. We live by them each day of our existence on this soil. But what we don’t know much about is in depth analysis of these rules and their effect our lives.

  1. Do these rules make sense like the one which protects the weak?
  2. Or are they something as absurd as legalization of marital rape?
  3. What can we do about the laws we don’t want to agree to or the regulations we seem are missing from the system? (Stronger Cyber Laws, Anybody?)
  4. Ask questions without being deemed as an anti national – How?

An unaware citizen would have no clue whether the govt. actions are made to facilitate or to exploit. Usually opinion of such an individual is not well informed but exact copy of popular voices.

There are notable platforms which are working for this noble cause (My favorite – A logical Indian). This is just another such attempt with a similar intent of making a difference!